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The following terms and conditions of sale govern all transactions made on the web catalog morocco rental cars . All orders placed on this site require the client’s unconditional and irrevocable acceptance of these conditions.
This contract is a distance contract that defines the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the sale of products and services the company morocco rental cars on the Internet via the platform of Maroc Telecommerce.



I acknowledge that I have visited the vehicle and found that its condition is perfect, and I am committed to not touch neither to the seals nor the meter at a risk to pay to morocco rental cars the amount corresponding to seven rental days.


1. I also agree to return the vehicle in an identical state to that of the original, with all tires, tools, accessories and equipments during the opening hours of morocco rental cars agencies and staff , at the date, time and place of recovery, if the recovery date is exceeded recovery costs determined by the hirer will be charged in addition. Unless expressly authorized extension by morocco rental cars , failure to return the vehicle on due time will be considered as a diversion exposing me to lawsuits.
2. The five tires are in a good state at delivery, wear and tear is normal, but in case of abnormal deterioration or break one of them, I agree to immediately replace it by another new tire of the same brand and same dimension.
3. At the end of the car rental, I will restore all documents necessary to drive the vehicle, if there is a missing or degraded documents, I agree to pay morocco rental cars the days of delay until the delivery of the missing documents.
I recognize that the vehicle is in a good working order and in a good condition and I am required to pay for the fuel consumed during the rental period. Repairs from an abnormal failure or negligence on my part (checking water levels, oil, and gearbox) will be on my responsibility. Repairs from a normal fault will be borne by morocco rental cars and will be refunded by presenting an invoice, detailed and accompanied by defective parts. In any case, I cannot claim compensation for delay, or delivery of the vehicle, the cancellation of hire or necessary repairs during the lease.


The amount of the rent is payable in advance, the deposit is mandatory , it cannot be used for extension without the agreement of morocco rental cars .
In case morocco rental cars grant me the extension, I agree to pay the amount of the additional rent 48 hours before the expiry of the current lease.
I am committed not to oppose to the payment by the deposit or guarantee if it will be used to pay:
-non-warranted damage
-loss of vehicles documents
-pound fee or other as appropriate, provided that morocco rental cars give the relevant evidence


All fines, fees, expenses and taxes on all offenses relating to traffic, parking or others, during the term of this contract are on my responsibility.


I hereby undertake to ensure that the vehicle is not used:

  1. For the carriage of passengers for fee has been set explicitly or implicitly.For the transport of smuggled goods causing the vehicle immobilization or seizure by the authorities you will have to pay to morocco rental cars the vehicle price according to the Argus of the year plus an allowance of 15,000.00 dh and all expenses that morocco rental cars will make if prosecuted.To propel or pull any vehicle or any trailer.In the context of automotive sport competitions.By any person under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.In addition, the vehicle may be driven only by the persons named in the contract, subject to the prior authorization of morocco rental cars , and provided that the said person be at least 25 years old (30 years for Catégorie :  D,E,F,G,H,I,J,L) and hold a regulatory driving license for at least one year.


I agree to:

  1. Pay to morocco rental cars the costs incurred for the repair of damage due to collision or other damage to the vehicle under my responsibility and during the term of this contract.

This responsibility will be:

  1. Limited to the maximum amount.set aside if I agree to pay in advance the fee provided for in case of the renunciation by morocco rental cars of such damages; acceptance observed by affixing my initials in the box reserved for this purpose in the contract and with the expression I agree .

In addition, I ask to be guaranteed by the individual policy transported persons which is accepted by morocco rental cars , I agree with this policy by bearing my initials in the box reserved for this purpose in the contract.
Are not included in this guarantee, the radio, phone, car keys, accessories, abnormal tire damage, damage caused to organs located below the vehicle, all clothing or objects found inside the car trunk or on the roof rack where the customer is its own insurer.
The client can release its contribution to the costs with an additional insurance in case of an accident, the insurance supplement does not include the repatriation of the car nor the immobilization costs estimated at 50% of rental price per day (maximum 30 days).Note :

morocco rental cars cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any property and transported values ??or left in or on the vehicle during the term of this Agreement or after the return of the vehicle to morocco rental cars , I also release morocco rental cars of any responsibility for all actions, costs claims and damages resulting from such loss or damages


I give in this contract, my agreement to this said policy, and I agree to observe the contracts terms and conditions, I am also committed, under pain of being deprived of the benefit of the insurance, to take all necessary measures to protect the interests of MOROCCO RENTAL CARS and his insurance company in case of an accident during the term of this contract, including:

  1. Gathering in writing the name and address of the persons involved and witnesses.Not to discuss my responsibility or my fault with the parties involved, or treat or deal with thirdNot to leave the vehicle without taking care to ensure its maintenance and security.To provide an accurate report by telephone to the nearest agency of MOROCCO RENTAL CARS.To immediately notify the police if the fault of the third party must be established or if there are injuries.To notify MOROCCO RENTAL CARS of the accident place, date and time.To declare in writing (accident report), the claims in the two days (24 hours for theft) with the support the police or gendarmerie report, noting the names and addresses of parties and witnesses.To pay to MOROCCO RENTAL CARS, in case of an at-fault accident, an excess charge of:


  1. I will under no circumstances sell, assign, mortgage, or pledge the vehicle of this contract, its equipment or tools or treat them in a manner as to prejudice MOROCCO RENTAL CARS.Any changes made to the terms and conditions of this contract if they are not documented, shall be null and void.This lease shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the country where the contract was signed. For any dispute concerning the interpretation and execution of this contract, the parties give exclusive jurisdiction to the courts of the registered office of the company MOROCCO RENTAL CARS .


  1. For residents: it is mandatory to complete and sign the statement of rental car without a driver. This document is attached to the contract.For non-residents: I consent and agree to pay any contravention of the rules of the road during my rental period, and through my credit card.

 It is mandatory to complete and sign the annex to the lease for non-residents. This document is attached to the contract.


To pay your order, you choose the payment method among those proposed by MOROCCO RENTAL CARS at the Order (page booking / payment).
In this case, the delivery of the transaction to debit your account is done in the day following the date of the confirmation of the operation.
Your payments are secured by Morocco Telecommerce that offers a fully secure payment service.
The Customer warrants that the MOROCCO RENTAL CARS ompany has the required permission to use the method of payment chosen by him, during the validation of the order form.
When paying by credit card, the provisions relating to the fraudulent use of the payment provided for in the agreements between the Client and the card issuer between MOROCCO Company RENTAL CARS and bank apply.
The data recorded by Morocco Telecommerce SA platform Telecommerce Morocco on behalf of MOROCCO RENTAL CARS constitute proof of all commercial transactions between you and the company MOROCCO RENTAL CARS.